Zoë Lustri is a composer, and indie singer/songwriter born & raised in ATX. Her music prominently features rich vocals, intimate lyrics, and unique production with a cinematic flare. She is excited to make her debut as an artist of her own with her first single Something Good and EP to follow. 


Zoë’s musical adventures have taken her around the US; her love of music started at a young age. Growing up in Austin, Texas, it’s hard not to fall in love with music when there is such a vibrant music scene around every corner of the city. She studied vocals and songwriting from local jazz legend Suzi Stern until she graduated high school and decided to continue her musical education at a collegiate level. 


She pursued a Bachelor’s of Music in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts where she studied under artists like film composer George S. Clinton and R&B artist Patrice Rushen. After graduating, she found herself in Los Angeles, California where she interned under film composers Henry Jackman and Bear McCreary. 


Currently she resides in Los Angeles, California as a member of Joy Music House where she works in the music department of various film and TV projects including Netflix’s Wild, Wild Country, HBO’s Homecoming, and the Emmy & Oscar nominated documentary RBG.


She is excited to make her debut as an artist of her own with her first single Something Good and EP to follow.

artists statement

To whomever is reading,


It’s hard for me to give you a sense of what my music is in such a short statement. Bios always feel cold and distant, and my music is anything but that. My music is about life. It’s about growth. It changes day to day, year to year, month to month. My music is about challenges, it’s about hope. It’s about honesty. It’s open to interpretation. It’s something deep when you need it to be, and it’s tune to tap your toes to when you don’t want to think. It’s about the things that make us so uniquely ourselves and so uniquely everybody else. 


Thank you for listening to these little parts of my soul. I hope you connect with them the way I have, and I hope we continue to cross paths for years to come.





© 2020 by ZOË LUSTRI